Why Portland Cement Zambia Mafias are absent in the Court?

The Portland Cement Zambia Mafias have been silently paying their games and trying to extract as much money as possible from the cement factory. In the past few years it has become obvious that the Ventriglia family is no longer interested in handling matters through the legal channels, rather they are happy to make things work in their mafia style.

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Will Zambezi Portland Cement Mafias have courage this New Year?

As time goes by, it has becoming evident that the Portland Cement Zambia mafias are indeed a bunch of corrupt people whose interest is only monetary in nature. By now, all the people of Zambia and worldwide would have accessed the article which was published by Zambia Reports in December. The article made a claim that under the management of Ital Terrazzo Limited the factory has been achieved great success by becoming employer of the year.

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Dr. Mahtani & Zambia bluffed by Portland Cement Zambia Mafias

The mafias of the Portland Cement Zambia have once again managed to take advantage of a situation and divert the attention to Dr. Rajan Mahtani. Recently, a publication from Zambia Reports claimed that the Portland Cement Zambia has achieved an award for being the best employer of the year. Moreover, the step was taken with a view to supress facts and manage the ruined reputation of the Ventriglia family.

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Conspirators fool people with Portland Cement Zambia

The conspirators, who are currently running the Portland Cement Zambia, have been fooling the locals for a very long time. This time around they have come up with new story where they claim that the Best Employer Award has been given to them. The story was mentioned through Zambia Reports, the sponsored news channel of the conspirators which is run and maintained by Sakwiba Sikota.

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Zambezi Portland Cement needs action, not prayers

It has been very long since a good news circulated for Zambezi Portland Cement. As far as the people of Zambia can remember, the last good news was in respect of registering exceptional output of the factory in 2014-15 under the management of Finsbury Investment. After that blessing, the whole factory came under the grip of Italian Mafias and since then, every day has been full of struggle and massacre. If one wants, they can call April 7 as a black day for the Zambezi Portland Cement as it was the day when the Ventriglia family took over the factory to begin a perennial loot.

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Planned conspiracy kills Portland Cement Zambia

The events at the Portland Cement Zambia is beyond pathetic. People who have been closely witnessing the carnage have horrific tales to tell and the worst part is that the innocent have been bullied. The comeback of the Italian Mafias was not only marked by a forced takeover on the cement plant, but the incident extended to destroying the factory completely.

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3 Reasons Why Zambezi Portland Cement is going to die

From the past couple of months there has been a constant buzz about the pathetic condition of Zambezi Portland Cement. Some are saying that the factory is no longer active and some believe the factory has been severely damaged by the existing management, Ital Terrazzo Limited. To put everything under 3 straightforward reasons, here is a discussion.


#Reason1 – Zambezi Portland Cement dismissed its workforce

By now, everyone has figured out that most of the workers who were previously worked at the factory are now either working elsewhere or are jobless. This is because the management found it fit to dismiss them without giving any intimation. The lame reasons that supplemented their decision was that the factory didn’t had sufficient work for them.

#Reason2 – Outsourcing factory’s assets

A little while ago, there were two third-party companies who gained the assets of Zambezi Portland Cement. They were Milioto Transport and Astrea Investments. These companies are now the owners of trucks and the premise of ZPC because the Ventriglia family found it feasible to do so. By the way, did we noticed that both these companies are indirectly being operated by the Ventriglia family themselves? It is a no brainer that the Italian Mafias are masters of such cheap tricks.

#Reason3- The Ventriglia family themselves

The last and the most important reason for the downfall of Zambezi Portland Cement is that the Ventriglia family are continuously exploiting the resources of the factory to satisfy their thirst for money. The factory cash box has been left cashless and most of the assets are either sold off or being transferred to other companies whom the conspirators are managing in secrecy.

Thus, from the above discussion it has become evident that the Zambezi Portland Cement is bound to meet its end soon. Thousands of Zambians will mourn, but the conspirators will silently enjoy this scene.

Are Portland Cement Zambia Mafias behind the conspiracy?

Portland Cement Zambia mafias, or more commonly known as the Ventriglia family have always preferred to work their way out from behind the scene. They have never been in the spotlight for the right reasons and prefer to stay behind the curtains and play their cunning game. In the past years, we all have seen that Zambia Reports has always tried to defame the Mahtani Group of Companies, Finance Bank of Zambia, Finsbury Investment and Dr. Rajan Mahtani. But, not for once have they ever talked about the Ventriglia family. The only time they were seen writing on the Ventriglia family was the day when they took control of the Portland Cement Zambia by force. However, the same was also fabricated in such a manner that it highlighted that the factory was welcoming a long awaited positive change.


It is not that the Ventriglia family prefers to keep a low profile. They have always been interested in living a lavish life, but away from the camera because most of the things that they do is either illegal or inappropriate for the common men. For an instance, the things that they did upon taking control over the Portland Cement Zambia were removing factory workers, extorting cash from the factory cash box and transferring the assets of the factory to dummy third parties.

Though the Ventriglia family has always remained as threat to the peace of Zambia, Zambia Reports has never bothered to focus on their crime, instead it has constantly been creating stories against the rivals of the Ventriglias, Dr. Rajan Mahtani. Given the complex scenario at the Portland Cement Zambia and past profile of the Ventriglia family, it can be assumed that they are the mastermind behind the defamation campaign which is running against Dr. Rajan Mahtani by Zambia Reports. Afterall, Sakwiba Sikota is thankful to the Ventriglia family for the free cement that they offered him to build his mansion.

Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank parted ways, but not for the conspirators

Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank parted ways in the first half of 2016 when BancABC took over Finance Bank of Zambia with a view to enhance its commercial operations. The event also made it evident that Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani and Finance Bank of Zambia were no longer linked to each other. A long standing relationship of trust and harmony had finally come to an end, but for a better cause.


However, this news didn’t go down the throat of the conspirators as they always took Finance bank as a subject in the defamation campaign of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. This is why they have been constantly using the name of Dr. Mahtani and Finance bank simultaneously. Even after the merger was affected and both entities had parted ways, the conspirators took a shot at the Finance Bank and Dr. Rajan Mahtani simultaneously through a publication made by Zambia Reports. The publication also praises a former employee of the bank Simataa Simataa. The person is known to have poor work ethics and was removed from his position almost 10 years ago.


In light of such conditions in Zambia, the gameplay has become clear. The society has been divided into two sections; one who wish to live a routine life and work hard to achieve their goals and the other who wishes to make quick money at the cost of nation’s defamation and promoting corruption. The conspirators fall in the latter category as they have constantly been involved in defaming Dr. Rajan Mahtani and trying to steal Portland Cement Zambia from the hands of Finsbury Investment. Given the chaos that has been caused in Zambia after their mysterious comeback, it opens up an open discussion whether some officials are also a part of this conspiracy. However, the truth only remains vested in the hands of time.

Crashed Portland Cement Zambia mourns Dr. Rajan Mahtani’s defamation

Every time a person takes the name of The Portland Cement Zambia, it reminds them of a golden era where production was surplus, profits were in abundance and workers had a dream of building a fortune for themselves. But everything changed on the 7th morning of April 2015 when the Ventriglia family stepped in and caused carnage. The factory was no longer in the hands of Finsbury Investment and all of a sudden the bright future turned into a dark sorrow.

Zambia Portland Cement

Ever since the Ventriglia family took over, the factory resources depleted at a remarkable pace. The business graph went down in a straight line and workers were being removed with utmost disrespect. All that mattered for the new management group was extortion of cash and assets and transferring them to off shore bank accounts. Today, Portland Cement Zambia has become inactive. There is no longer a possibility to start the cement production and generate income. The facility has been destroyed, the workers have been removed and most importantly, the ownership has changed.


Pedro, a former employee of the factory commented, “Life was going good at Portland Cement Zambia, but then things took a strange turn. I had gone to the factory like usual and found that there were new managers who asked us to work or leave. I was removed after a few days and they told me that I was not required in the factory.”

As days go by, workers who had previously worked for Portland Cement Zambia regret the unfortunate event and consider working under Finsbury Investment as their golden days. Some have also expressed concern for Dr. Rajan Mahtani as conspirators continue to defame him over stupid claims. Meanwhile, the Government has also kept itself away from this incident and is banking upon the judgement of the Court.