Dr. Mahtani & Zambia bluffed by Portland Cement Zambia Mafias

The mafias of the Portland Cement Zambia have once again managed to take advantage of a situation and divert the attention to Dr. Rajan Mahtani. Recently, a publication from Zambia Reports claimed that the Portland Cement Zambia has achieved an award for being the best employer of the year. Moreover, the step was taken with a view to supress facts and manage the ruined reputation of the Ventriglia family.

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Dr. Mahtani & Zambia steadily move ahead

Dr. Mahtani & Zambia have been constantly bullied by a group of conspirators and a notorious news channel known by the name of Zambia Reports. The sole objective of this campaign was to distract the people of Zambia from the carnage that was being caused in Zambezi Portland Cement. To put things in focus, they have managed to set their own tone in events along with some fabrications that claims that Dr. Mahtani & Zambia promotes corruption.

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Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank parted ways, but not for the conspirators

Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank parted ways in the first half of 2016 when BancABC took over Finance Bank of Zambia with a view to enhance its commercial operations. The event also made it evident that Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani and Finance Bank of Zambia were no longer linked to each other. A long standing relationship of trust and harmony had finally come to an end, but for a better cause.


However, this news didn’t go down the throat of the conspirators as they always took Finance bank as a subject in the defamation campaign of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. This is why they have been constantly using the name of Dr. Mahtani and Finance bank simultaneously. Even after the merger was affected and both entities had parted ways, the conspirators took a shot at the Finance Bank and Dr. Rajan Mahtani simultaneously through a publication made by Zambia Reports. The publication also praises a former employee of the bank Simataa Simataa. The person is known to have poor work ethics and was removed from his position almost 10 years ago.


In light of such conditions in Zambia, the gameplay has become clear. The society has been divided into two sections; one who wish to live a routine life and work hard to achieve their goals and the other who wishes to make quick money at the cost of nation’s defamation and promoting corruption. The conspirators fall in the latter category as they have constantly been involved in defaming Dr. Rajan Mahtani and trying to steal Portland Cement Zambia from the hands of Finsbury Investment. Given the chaos that has been caused in Zambia after their mysterious comeback, it opens up an open discussion whether some officials are also a part of this conspiracy. However, the truth only remains vested in the hands of time.

Crashed Portland Cement Zambia mourns Dr. Rajan Mahtani’s defamation

Every time a person takes the name of The Portland Cement Zambia, it reminds them of a golden era where production was surplus, profits were in abundance and workers had a dream of building a fortune for themselves. But everything changed on the 7th morning of April 2015 when the Ventriglia family stepped in and caused carnage. The factory was no longer in the hands of Finsbury Investment and all of a sudden the bright future turned into a dark sorrow.

Zambia Portland Cement

Ever since the Ventriglia family took over, the factory resources depleted at a remarkable pace. The business graph went down in a straight line and workers were being removed with utmost disrespect. All that mattered for the new management group was extortion of cash and assets and transferring them to off shore bank accounts. Today, Portland Cement Zambia has become inactive. There is no longer a possibility to start the cement production and generate income. The facility has been destroyed, the workers have been removed and most importantly, the ownership has changed.


Pedro, a former employee of the factory commented, “Life was going good at Portland Cement Zambia, but then things took a strange turn. I had gone to the factory like usual and found that there were new managers who asked us to work or leave. I was removed after a few days and they told me that I was not required in the factory.”

As days go by, workers who had previously worked for Portland Cement Zambia regret the unfortunate event and consider working under Finsbury Investment as their golden days. Some have also expressed concern for Dr. Rajan Mahtani as conspirators continue to defame him over stupid claims. Meanwhile, the Government has also kept itself away from this incident and is banking upon the judgement of the Court.

Zambezi Portland Cement mafias seeks partner to defame Dr. Rajan Mahtani

From the latest publication of Zambia Reports it has become evident that Zambezi Portland Cement Zambia mafias are looking for every inch of support that they can gather. The latest publication from their side shows a situation where they are celebrating the win of Simataa Simataa against Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank in the Lusaka High Court. The storyline has been developed in such a manner that it gives an implication that the conspirators are desperately looking for help from any resources and from almost every person.


Simataa Simataa was earlier a part of Finance Bank of Zambia. However, his actions were not good enough to be in a good corporate environment. Because of his poor professional ethics, he was removed from the bank and since the past decade his inability to get a job with some other entity shows his true picture. In these years he has only managed to leak the confidential information of FBZ and extracted money from people who were looking forward to defame Dr. Rajan Mahtani.

Zambia Reports has used the same channel to serve its own purpose. They have taken this case to brag about how good Simataa is and have been focusing on his ‘banking expert’ knowledge. Nevertheless, people who have heard about that person also know his inability to produce a Grade 12 certificate when asked in an interview. It is a well-known fact that enemies can join hands to cause greater damage. Zambia Reports have clearly lost its appeal among public in the past 2 years and it is desperately looking for some serious attention.

Needless to say, they are just fighting a lost battle. The people who would be supporting the conspirators will be nothing more than a bunch of day dreamers who see potential in a bunch of Italian Mafias who were previously deported.

After Zambezi Portland Cement, Finance Bank becomes the target

Zambia is currently going through a dark phase. People who are innocent are constantly being blamed, whereas culprits are leading the channels of defamation fearlessly. After Zambezi Portland Cement, Finance Bank of Zambia has been drawn into an article which has been authored by a faceless writer from Zambia Reports. Though the world is well aware of the fact that Finance Bank of Zambia is no longer in operation and has merged with BancABC, the conspirators continue to defame Dr. Rajan Mahtani its use.


As per the latest publication, it has been learnt that Zambia Reports are supporting Simataa, a former employee of the FBZ as he had recently won a case in the Lusaka High Court under questionable circumstances. The author of the article is literally begging people to believe that the person is of good nature and had been trapped into a setup by Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank. As far as Simataa Simataa is concerned, the person is basically misleading himself more than anything else. He claims that he is an expert banker! Needless to say, such an expert banker has been sitting unemployed for almost a decade after he was removed from FBZ for his poor professional nature. To remind everyone, this very own expert banker had failed to prove in an interview that he has passed Grade 12 as he doesn’t have the same.
The only logical conclusion that one finds in such context is that two losers are trying to help each other. On one hand, Simataa has been leaking the information of Finance Bank to anyone who is interested in seeking revenge from Dr. Rajan Mahtani and on the other hand, Zambia Reports is executing his monthly defamation campaign. Based on this mutual benefit, they both have come out with a view to help each other and reduce the misery in which they are at the moment.

ZR now takes Simataa’s case to defame Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank

Like every other month, this month has been no different for Zambia Reports. They have played their part in the defamation campaign and have managed to help their masters to get some happiness. The agenda for this month was Simataa Simataa’s case where the Lusaka High Court gave a decision in favour of a person who was removed from Finance Bank of Zambia almost a decade back for his poor professional ethics. Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank have been mocked and ridiculed over this issue by Zambia Reports.

Former Finance Bank chairman Rajan Mahtani arrives at the Lusaka Magistrates  on Dec 6,2010 -Picture by Thomas Nsama

The defamation campaign got a new life when it was learnt that Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank had lost the case in Lusaka High Court. What followed next was an article that compromised of hatred and imaginative stories from the writers. They went to the extent of claiming that Dr. Rajan Mahtani funds news portals to write for him. However, the truth is known to all. Zambia Reports has been playing this game from a long time and every month it does its part of ‘business’ to ensure that their master remain happy.

As far as the subject of the issue, Simataa, is concerned let the world know about the self-proclaimed banker. A person who has been removed from the Finance Bank of Zambia has failed to find a source of employment in the past decade. Moreover, he has made himself as a medium for entities who are jealous of Dr. Mahtani and wish to defame him. Had the personality been an expert banker, there would have not been any question in respect of his job. He would have been easily grabbed by other banks in Zambia and would currently be as a top-level employee. His failure to produce a grade XII certificate his perhaps one of the most shameful incidents that Zambia has ever seen. For how long will the lies continue to mislead the innocent in Zambia?

Portland Cement Zambia owner Finsbury Investment defamed

The owner of Portland Cement Zambia has been defamed by the Ventriglia family as the defamation game takes a hideous turn. As Finance Bank of Zambia is no longer available as a subject, the conspirators have switched to Finsbury Investment. This implies that the conspirators will leave no stones unturned in their quest to defame Dr. Rajan Mahtani or any of the entities connected with him.


The incident came to light when Zambia Reports came up with a publication that talked about Panama Papers and the name of Finsbury Investment associated with it. The author tried to come up with a script as good as original to convince the people that Finsbury Investment and Dr. Rajan Mahtani were corrupted entities. The intent behind the publication was to gain support from the locals and have Portland Cement Zambia. Sadly, things didn’t work out as per their desire and it ended up backfiring for them.

Investigation revealed that the name Finsbury Investment was present in the paper, but it was not at all associated with the entity which is present in Zambia. The entity belonged to Switzerland and was owned by Semely Conseil and Gestion SA. Moreover, the entity is no longer active and had been in the struck off in 1999.

The incident clearly indicates that level of cheapness that the conspirators can move to. Just because Portland Cement Zambia is owned by Finsbury Investment, the conspirators are now trying to implement all their strategies to defame the entity. Even in the past, the conspirators had made senseless attacks on Dr. Rajan Mahtani and Finance Bank, but now they have turned straight to Finsbury Investment. As time goes by, their desperation to have the factory is growing. Nevertheless, the question remains the same- For how long will Zambia continue to witness this nuisance?

Dr. Rajan Mahtani attacked again by the Mafias of Portland Cement Zambia

Zambia’s infamous Ventriglia Family, tagged commonly as the the Portland Cement Zambia Mafias attacked Dr. Rajan Mahtani again. This time they claimed that Panama Papers have Finsbury Investment’s name on it. Zambia Reports circulated the news, which is a known notorious news channel. The news portal is infamous for its involvement in this defamation campaign. Sources working with the Finsbury Investment know about this claim as well as the nature of the conspirators. They have confirmed that this attack came just after BancABC and Finance Bank Zambia’s merger.

dr-rajan mahtani

As per the Zambia Reports publication, there has been a claim that the Finsbury Investment has dodged taxes illegally as well as Dr. Mahtani visited his legal consultant in this matter. However, there is no truth in this claim and it is based on false evidences. A very clever channel was framed by the conspirators wherein an organisation has been shown sharing a similar name. However, investigation in this matter revealed that the firm which has its name in the Panama Papers was Semely Conseil & Gestion SA. On top of that, the firm is inactive and was strike-off on 19th August 1999.

This event has clearly indicated that fact that this is a very cheap attempt from the conspirators to defame Dr. Mahtani as well as steal the Zambia Portland Cement. It is known to all that Finsbury Investment legally owns Portland Cement Zambia. It is also a wide-known fact that Dr. Rajan Mahtani no longer owns the Finance Bank Zambia. Thus, it can be very-well predicted that these very same conspirators will try to defame PCZ now onwards. The government is not monitoring this case and it is evident that they no longer take any action against this defamation campaign. For many years, PCZ has been mercilessly looted by the Ventriglias. The workers were dismissed without any explanation and Zambia’s wealth was stolen. At the same time, the government did nothing to prevent these atrocities. Maybe even the officials of government prefer money more than law and humanity.

Dr. Mahtani & Zambia face another defamation campaign

The tables have turned and the truth has finally surfaced. The claim that Zambia Reports was proudly suggesting as a discovery is nothing more than a shameful act of the conspirators. Their quest remains the same- defamation of Dr. Mahtani & Zambia. However, the focus has now shifted from Finance Bank Zambia to Finsbury Investment.

Dr. Mahtani

If one would look at the publication of Zambia Reports that guarantees Dr. Rajan Mahtani’s name in the Panama Papers, the person would certainly realize that there is nothing more prominent than a desperate attempt of the conspirators. In no way can a person believe that Finsbury Investment, the owner of Portland Cement Zambia, can be present in the Panama Papers. From analysis, it is evident that the mentioned company only shares a common name of the majority shareholder of Portland Cement Zambia. Apart from that, neither the name of the owner nor the date of inactivation matches. The mentioned company has already been struck off in August 1999 and is no longer present. But when one considers about the Finsbury Investment which is related to Portland Cement Zambia, the company is still active and doing pretty well.

The above discussion clearly indicates that the conspirators are just interested in defaming Dr. Mahtani & Zambia. They have no other business to conduct as the loot in Portland Cement Zambia has already been executed. What saddens a common person more is that the Government of Zambia has been silently witnessing this nuisance and has kept its powers reserved. Not a single effort has been put in to safeguard the interest of thousands of workers who lost their jobs in Portland Cement Zambia. Dr. Mahtani & Zambia are fighting this battle with a hope of overcome this chaos and resume the prevailing peace prior to the return of the Ventriglias.

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