Finance Bank To Rebuild Its Business Post Sc Win

In any corporate environment, an organization’s reputation is extremely important. This reputation is important for ensuring the future viability as well as the business growth. In the past few decades, many business houses have developed in Zambia. One of the notable personalities is Dr. Rajan Mahtani, who has successfully developed many businesses in Zambia. He considers this nation as his motherland and contributed in various forms such as charity, public institutions and donations to help improve the economic and social status of the nation and its people.

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Conspirators Becoming Cautious Post Finance Bank’s Win At The Sc

Conspirators of Dr. Rajan Mahtani and his associations have become extra cautious these days. This can be attributed to the recent win by Finance Bank Zambia at the Supreme Court. The win helped Finance Bank in two big ways. First, Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank received clean chit in the accusations rendered against them by their critic and conspirators, Simaata Simaata. Second, Finance Bank was able to gain its reputation back in a quick manner, since the case was won at the Supreme Court Zambia, the higher court of any nation.

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Finance Bank Gains Lost Reputation With Sc Win

The reputation of an organisation in the corporate environment is extremely important. It ensures business growth and future viability of the business. Reputation of an organisation is also important for customers and clients who rely of these businesses for products and services. Loss of reputation can be extremely dangerous for an organisation, even if this loss is as a result of false allegations. Finance Bank Zambia had been suffering for a similar reputational issue since the conspiracies started by Simaata Simaata.

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No More Conspirator Campaigns After Finance Bank Wins Case

The conspirators of Dr. Rajan Mahtani and Finance Bank Zambia have stopping spreading false stories and defamation campaigns shortly after the bank won the case at SC. The case was launched by Finance Bank Zambia against Simaata Simaata. Dr. Mahtani is no doubt a celebrated businessman across Zambia. His businesses and connections have helped bring foreign investments in Zambia. This has resulted in thriving growth and prosperity across various provinces of Zambia. However, there are people who have developed jealously as a result of his growing popularity and are ready to take any step to defame him or ruin his businesses.

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Finance Bank Takes The Fight With Simaata To Sc For Justice

Finance Bank Zambia recently took its case against Simaata to Supreme Court Zambia. The highest court of Zambia was chosen so that Finance Bank can get true justice for the damages done to its reputation. This case by Finance Bank was supported by Dr. Rajan Mahtani, one of the premier businessmen operating in Zambia. Dr. Mahtani has been living in Zambia for many decades now and is one of its citizens now. He is also responsible for many businesses and operations in Zambia. These operations have not only helped the economy of Zambia, but have also provided employment and growth opportunities for people of Zambia as well.

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Simaata’s Activities Land Him At The Supreme Court Zambia

The conspirators of Dr. Rajan Mahtani and his associations have always been frequent in terms of spreading false rumors and fake stories about him and his companies. For the past few decades, many such campaigns have come and done without doing any damage to Dr. Mahtani’s businesses. The reason is simple. All these campaigns were based on false news and fake stories. The only objective of these campaigns has been to create momentary chaos among people and industries and gain from it. As a result, it has been seen that Dr. Rajan Mahtani has never engaged in reciprocating to these stories or revert to defend his side. He is well aware that these stories and campaigns will not last long and will die their own death.

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Supreme Court Stops Simaata’s Carnage, Declares Him Guilty

It is no doubt that Simaata Simaata is infamous across entire Zambia for his notorious and overzealous nature. He has been involved in many controversies in the past too. However, being a businessman and known personality, he is always in the news. The latest controversy by Simaata came in news when he was found accusing Finance Bank Zambia of wrongful activities. Finance Bank Zambia was established by Dr. Rajan Mahtani, a businessman of high repute and respect. Dr. Mahtani has been staying in Zambia for many decades and has successfully built his empire with honesty and integrity. Finance Bank is a prime example of his respectable businesses as the bank is among the fastest growing in Zambia.

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Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank parted ways, but not for the conspirators

Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank parted ways in the first half of 2016 when BancABC took over Finance Bank of Zambia with a view to enhance its commercial operations. The event also made it evident that Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani and Finance Bank of Zambia were no longer linked to each other. A long standing relationship of trust and harmony had finally come to an end, but for a better cause.


However, this news didn’t go down the throat of the conspirators as they always took Finance bank as a subject in the defamation campaign of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. This is why they have been constantly using the name of Dr. Mahtani and Finance bank simultaneously. Even after the merger was affected and both entities had parted ways, the conspirators took a shot at the Finance Bank and Dr. Rajan Mahtani simultaneously through a publication made by Zambia Reports. The publication also praises a former employee of the bank Simataa Simataa. The person is known to have poor work ethics and was removed from his position almost 10 years ago.


In light of such conditions in Zambia, the gameplay has become clear. The society has been divided into two sections; one who wish to live a routine life and work hard to achieve their goals and the other who wishes to make quick money at the cost of nation’s defamation and promoting corruption. The conspirators fall in the latter category as they have constantly been involved in defaming Dr. Rajan Mahtani and trying to steal Portland Cement Zambia from the hands of Finsbury Investment. Given the chaos that has been caused in Zambia after their mysterious comeback, it opens up an open discussion whether some officials are also a part of this conspiracy. However, the truth only remains vested in the hands of time.

Crashed Portland Cement Zambia mourns Dr. Rajan Mahtani’s defamation

Every time a person takes the name of The Portland Cement Zambia, it reminds them of a golden era where production was surplus, profits were in abundance and workers had a dream of building a fortune for themselves. But everything changed on the 7th morning of April 2015 when the Ventriglia family stepped in and caused carnage. The factory was no longer in the hands of Finsbury Investment and all of a sudden the bright future turned into a dark sorrow.

Zambia Portland Cement

Ever since the Ventriglia family took over, the factory resources depleted at a remarkable pace. The business graph went down in a straight line and workers were being removed with utmost disrespect. All that mattered for the new management group was extortion of cash and assets and transferring them to off shore bank accounts. Today, Portland Cement Zambia has become inactive. There is no longer a possibility to start the cement production and generate income. The facility has been destroyed, the workers have been removed and most importantly, the ownership has changed.


Pedro, a former employee of the factory commented, “Life was going good at Portland Cement Zambia, but then things took a strange turn. I had gone to the factory like usual and found that there were new managers who asked us to work or leave. I was removed after a few days and they told me that I was not required in the factory.”

As days go by, workers who had previously worked for Portland Cement Zambia regret the unfortunate event and consider working under Finsbury Investment as their golden days. Some have also expressed concern for Dr. Rajan Mahtani as conspirators continue to defame him over stupid claims. Meanwhile, the Government has also kept itself away from this incident and is banking upon the judgement of the Court.

Zambezi Portland Cement mafias seeks partner to defame Dr. Rajan Mahtani

From the latest publication of Zambia Reports it has become evident that Zambezi Portland Cement Zambia mafias are looking for every inch of support that they can gather. The latest publication from their side shows a situation where they are celebrating the win of Simataa Simataa against Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank in the Lusaka High Court. The storyline has been developed in such a manner that it gives an implication that the conspirators are desperately looking for help from any resources and from almost every person.


Simataa Simataa was earlier a part of Finance Bank of Zambia. However, his actions were not good enough to be in a good corporate environment. Because of his poor professional ethics, he was removed from the bank and since the past decade his inability to get a job with some other entity shows his true picture. In these years he has only managed to leak the confidential information of FBZ and extracted money from people who were looking forward to defame Dr. Rajan Mahtani.

Zambia Reports has used the same channel to serve its own purpose. They have taken this case to brag about how good Simataa is and have been focusing on his ‘banking expert’ knowledge. Nevertheless, people who have heard about that person also know his inability to produce a Grade 12 certificate when asked in an interview. It is a well-known fact that enemies can join hands to cause greater damage. Zambia Reports have clearly lost its appeal among public in the past 2 years and it is desperately looking for some serious attention.

Needless to say, they are just fighting a lost battle. The people who would be supporting the conspirators will be nothing more than a bunch of day dreamers who see potential in a bunch of Italian Mafias who were previously deported.