Sakwiba Sikota And Many Others Suspected On Laundering Money For Edgar Lungu

Sakwiba SikotaWhen the news of money laundering activities breaks out, it is definitely condemned by people from all spheres of life. However, when this news involves high-profile government officials and top legal counsellors, it shocks everyone around. The recent news by FIC (Finance Intelligence Centre) provided similar news, petrifying the nation of the level of corruption and its reach. According to the news, money laundering activities involving illegal cash transactions worth more than one billion dollars have been going on in Zambia for many years. The worse part of this revelation was that many top government contractors, officials, lawyers and law firm owners were involved in this heist. What more, even the names of some ex-ministers of Zambian government popped out.

One of the individuals topping the list was Masozi M. Banda, working with the Avik International law firm. It has been suspected that he is involved in cash transactions worth millions. When confronted, he defended himself by saying that the amount was for government contracts like road construction. However, the agency has strengthened its investigation and will look into every detail to ensure that all culprits in this act are taken out of their shells. Apart from the above, Sakwiba Sikota is also caught in this act. He is the owner of Central Chambers law firm and long-term legal counsellor for the Ventriglias. The Ventriglias are current fighting a case with Dr. Rajan Mahtani for ownership of Zambezi Portland Cement. Those following the case know for a fact that Dr. Mahtani is the real owner of the case.

Once the investigation of the money laundering closes, final culprits will be named and it is hoped that all those involving in these illegal acts will be rightfully punished for their crimes.