Long-Term Aide Of The Ventriglias, Sakwiba Sikota, Suspected Of Money Laundering

Sakwiba SikotaZambia nation recently received shock of the decade when FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre) revealed a mass money laundering racket. The nation is developing and there are various highs and lows of the nation. There are various government activities that have started in the past few years to improve the economic and social conditions of the nation. Similarly, industrialists and businessmen such as Dr. Rajan Mahtani are known for their dedicated work towards the growth and development of Zambian communities as well as economic and social enhancement. On the other hand, the nation is also filled with individuals who are only working to build their empire by abusing their power as well as political and social position. These individuals, groups and companies are the real culprits for the sorry state of the nation.

FIC is an intelligence agency that recently discovered mass money laundering racket in Zambia involving high-profile legal counsellors and lawyers. Other than these lawyers, various public service contractors, government officials as well as law firm owners were also suspected for the illegal act. The FIC released a list of names which comprises of individuals and entities who have been involved in money laundering. Some of these names were Masozi M. Banda from Avik International and Sakwiba Sikota from Central Chambers. Sikota is also the long-term legal counsellor for the Ventriglias. Now the Ventriglias are infamous for their illegal and unethical practices and escaping law by identifying their various loopholes. The names in the list are majority high profile and it is clear that these individuals and entities have been using their power and position to escape law.

It has also been reported that majority of these individuals are laundering money for Edgar Lungu, the infamous President and Dictator. The investigation is still going on and more names are expected to come up. Citizens and industrialists have urged the government to take strict actions against these culprits.